FlipsideLondon Radio Episode 38 – Michael Williams Interview

Posted by joly on Aug 11, 2018 in DBC

On August 8 2018, in FlipsideLondon Radio Episode 38 program on the Portobello Radio station, Aidan McManus interviewed former DBC co-operator Michael Williams. After a brief summary of his time working at Better Badges, ‘Mike the Bike’ tells the story of how he, and the rest of the DBC crew, came to set up Britain’s first black radio station. Read more on his blog.


Dread Broadcast Corp. – Carnival ’84

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Yet more DBC. As mentioned early broadcasts, out of necessity, utilized the “plant the cassette player and transmitter on the tower block and retire to a safe distance” method. By 1984 the station’s technology had advanced to the point of being able to, via relays, do live broadcasts. Even to the extent, in the safety of the Notting Hill Carnival celebrating crowd, of coming live from the street. This snippet, hosted by Ranking Miss P, kicks off with the talents of the young MC prodigy Mekka Stephenson, hoarse no doubt due to toasting night and day, and then goes to station manager Lepke chatting up Portobello Road revelers.


Ranking Miss P – Orbitone Style

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Back in 1982 bread and butter for the DBC – Dread Broadcasting Corp. – were sponsored programs by the likes of Harlesden record distros Starlite and Orbitone, again presented with flair by the Ranking Miss P. Here are few fragments that have survived the ages thanks to Ms Mandi Newall of NYC who taped them off the air back in the day.

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Ranking Miss P – Strictly for the Girls

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Amongst the very first streams that went out on streamola, and then run on repeat for it’s entire existence, was a selection of the Better Badges sponsored London reggae pirate DBC – the Dread Broadcasting Corp. – from the beginning of the 80s. One of the best loved features of that station were the lover’s rock selections by the sweet-voiced DJ known as the Ranking Miss P., who later went on to reach an international audience via the BBC World Service. This one’s just a brief snippet of the lady in action in her DBC prime.

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