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AK The Conqueror – Warm Up Session 9-23-00

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

AK’s story is that as a youth he was a promising sound boy in the UK when suddenly he was hoiked off to the musically remote outlands of the USA by his family. AK thus stayed true to roots of classic sound system while the peers he left behind might have had other distractions. However he was not totally out of touch – a network of cousins and pals, plus occasional visits, kept him up-to-date with the latest hot lovers rub-a-dub tunes from UK dances. His contemporary selections continually amazed Streamola’s globally dispersed audience who had little opportunity to hear much beyond mainstream dancehall and roots artists. Here he is warming up the crowd on the Reggae Vibes stream with some of the latest smooth steppers before he goes for the old stuff we all know he is going to eventually pull out. Pay special attention to Easy B’s cover of “Number One” around 50 mins in.

AK The Conqueror – Old Time Steppers International 9-23-00

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

AK The Conqueror was a stalwart member of the Yahoo Club Rasta and a very popular DJ on Streamola, particularly with the ladies, specializing as he did in Lover’s Rock, both classic and modern. The Reggae Vibes stream was founded just to cater to his sessions. Making them all the more rare and desirable was the fact that at his remote Pennsylvania location his Internet connection was less than reliable, thus a good session was always a matter of chance if not divine providence. In this one we hear him, in lo-fi recorded directly off the original 24k stream on 9-23-00, digging into his vault of old time classics.


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